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NT2 Voor Oekraïens en Polen - Taal en Nederlandse cultuur

  • CODE
    Bogusia Kraszkiewicz
  • TIJD
    dinsdagavond 19.00-20.30 uur
  • DATA
    € 180,-
    Wijkvoorziening Prismare Roomweg 167d
    10 avonden, data: 14/5, 21/5, 28/5, 4/6, 11/6, 18/6, 25/6, 2/7, 9/7, 16/7 2024

Are you living in The Netherlands? And are you a Polish, Russian or Ukrainian native? Would you like to take part in everyday life but find that quite challenging? This course will help you figure it out!

During this course you’ll learn the basic principles of Dutch (NT2). So you can go grocery shopping on your own. Or know how to confer with your family doctor.

But knowing Dutch doesn’t solve everything. There’s a whole unique culture in the Netherlands as well. For example do you know why people hang their bags on the flagpole? Do you know who Sinterklaas is? Or why the Dutch care so much about agreements? And so on…  During the course all those things get covered as well as many more typical Dutch ‘things’.

The teacher is Russian. She also speaks Polish and Ukranian. Together you’ll be practicing Dutch.