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Arabisch 1.1

Dit is een beginnerscursus.

Bahasa Indonesia 1.1

Dit is een beginnerscursus.

Bahasa Indonesia 1.2

Dit is een vervolgcursus van het voorjaar 2018.

Dutch for absolute beginners

Registration is no longer possible.

The course ‘Dutch for absolute beginners’ is for those who have no  basic knowledge of the Dutch language. This course focuses on speaking and listening skills, but ample attention will be given to reading and writing skills as well.


Dutch for beginners

The course ‘Dutch for beginners’ is meant for those who have successfully completed the course ‘Dutch for absolute beginners’ge.

Engels conversatie

Once you have learned the basics of English grammar and have developed a vocabulary of around 100 words, it is important to start practicing your speaking skills. If you would like to improve on your fluency, join our course!

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